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Domestic Project

I was called to an Edwardian property in Norwich to take a look at some salvaged leaded glass which had been stored in the cellar for many years. It is believed that it once stood in the front door of the property and in more recent years had been made into a garden ornament. So my task was to work out how to incorporate as much of the existing glass and pattern into an authentic design with using appropriate glass.

Glass is carefully cleaned.

Glass is carefully cleaned.

Glass on cut line.

Existing glass is laid onto a drawing, known as a cut line.

Cutting restoration glass.

New restoration glass is precisely cut by hand to make up shortfall.


Leading takes place; glass and lead are held firm with horse shoe nails.

Panel is soldered on both sides.

Cementing process seals the panel to make it watertight.

Installation; rebates are cleaned ready for the new panel and border panes to be bedded on putty. Saddle bars are fixed and tied to panel for support and strength.